Game Art Project

(aka my kick in the butt to start drawing again)

I don't know how many of you know.. but I really slowly stopped drawing during the last year (s?).
I honestly was considering quitting for real for a while (partly due to some circumstances I won't go into here). It just seems I'm having this huge obstacle I need to get over to be able to develop further as an artist. By far the biggest one in all of the years I've been drawing.
But meeting and talking to my friend Aggi really inspired me to fight to get back into it again . Thank you so much, for your encouragement and Kind words and especially seeing your huge sketchbook, it all truly gave me the kick I needed

Andreas and I came up with this idea, that when he plays videogames, I should sketch (instead of just watch/follow the story loosely while surfing the web etc)and do it all on the theme of whatever he is playing at the moment. This way I should be able get in hopefully 2-3 hours of drawing each week. And I don't have to waste time on "...gah what should I drawwww" nonsense!
Great idea huh?! and it's not an overwhelming start either.
It will probably be really tough in the beginning so any encouragement is greatly appreciated

here are the first sheets of quick doodles (Assassins Creed II & Brütal Legend):
Assassins Creed II

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I had no idea you've had such an art block. ;_; Sorry to hear about it, hon. But I am sure you can get back into it. Those exersises / that project seem like a great ide.a. :) No pressure though!

And yes, Aggi is really inspiring!

*hug* Fight! <3 I am cheering for you!

Re: No title

*kraaaaam!* thank you Karin!
well, I honestly also didn't know anyone cared if I stopped or not. i-241
Aggi draws SO MUCH, it's incredible! truly inspirational.

I hope I'll get to see you soon, it was so long since!! I understand that you've been busy tho~ but you are missed e-266

also I can't believe I had missed to link to you before! *shameful* i-282;

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Re: Aggi

tack aggii~~~~e-266
jag ska försöka teckna så mycket jag bara kan LOL

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