I hope 2009 will be a nice year!

Newyears eve sure was a blast!! the weather was cold and clear and everything was covered in a thick layer of white glittery snow/frost chrystals. So beautiful!
Thanks everyone that came to celebrate with us!! Still can't believe we managed to find space/stuff for ten people to sleep LOL.
One of my friends wanted me to post more photos on this blog, so here are a few:
I really liked the fireworks this year!
Moi (not posting any pics where you can see my friends whithout their permission )
and LOL just look at all the booze on that livingroom table!

Hope all u guys had fun too!

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Heeey, good to see your New Year was nice! Sorry I haven't kept in touch since I've been here, things have been rather hectic lately. xX

Re: Dianaaa~~

Hey Nikky!! Thats okay, especially over the holidays it's pretty much impossible to find time to do anything. e-330 I'm here if you wanna do something though, maybe we could have a fika or something in a week or so? or whenever you are in Stockholm. hope you are enjoying being in sweden...especially now in the most depressing month of all yearv-397 LOL

i love the whole candlelight thing going on thar ;D

my new years was boring but i'm not complaining, it didnt really feel new.. kinda just an extension of last year.. and last year happened to be a blast ^w^

that fireworks pic is so pretty <33

Re: No title

e-51thank you harto!

I love candles, during winter I go through soo many of them it's kinda crazyv-364
Although this time in sweden is so cold and dark it's no wonder you need to feel some sort of light and warmth.

Glad to hear that you had a nice newyears anyway. Sometimes boring is kinda nice too i-236

Yeah that sounds good :D and yeah it's so depressing here now :( sad times!! We should definitely do that though~ :DD


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