I HAVE A CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it!!!
it's a Canon eos 1000d

No more taking pics with my crappy (more than 8 years old!) point-and-shoot camera (or borrowing Andreas' Dad's).

Those of you that know me IRL especially are probably thinking:
"but... they are so poor" "how can she afford it??"

Okay let me get you the story behind everything. About two years ago I took a job in the midst of me working super hard with a lot of other things, I figured it would be worth working my ass off since I could make enough extra money to finally buy the camera I've been wanting (and needing for work even).
I did the work and even got sick for a couple of weeks because I worked myself out...but the money never came.
After A LOT of trouble, and like 3000 phonecalls I finally got my money!

..but things are so tight right now so even though they where always intended for the camera I just could not see how I could possibly use them for that.
A while ago I saw that they had "my camera" 1500 kr (~210 USD) cheaper than the cheapest place I've found (even compared to e-bay), as a christmas special. But I just couldn't do it. Andreas and I even fought about it! When I was completely in tears Andreas just said "I'm gonna go and order that camera, you worked for it and thats the end of this discussion". he is too wonderful. ..
I am glad he did though, I am so happy!
even though I know it's for work too, I just couldn't justify using all that money on something just to myself.
I'm so lucky to have Andreas

It's a pretty cheap camera for the pro photographer but it's JUST what I need. I spent months looking through reviews to find the PERFECT one for me. In time I will invest in lenses etc. (And when I feel really rich I can upgrade to a better canon camera and still have use for all extra stuff I have invested in)


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happy new year

Thank you for your comment to my blog miffyoyaji(ミッフィーおやじ). I'm very grad to have a comment in English because I'm studying English to communicate people in the world.
By the way, your new camera is very nice. Please take many many pictures. I'm looking forward to see them.

Re: happy new year

Thank you so much!
Oh! good luck with your studies! If I can help let me know.
I like your blog, 私もミッフィーちゃんファンです!
I added a link to your cute blog.
See you around e-463


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