As I hinted in the previous post about something super exiting happening~~~!! we're getting a puppy!! Finally!
I'm so incredibe exited about this
We have been talking about it back and forth for the last two years. But it's never been a good time... Okay we don't have a lot of money now either but this late summer/autumn is really the perfect time for us.
Due to the fact that I will still be working from home for half a year more, Andreas is gonna go to school (pretty close by too, 20 min by bus) AND we're staying out here on Dalarö for another year.
It means the puppy will have supervision pretty much all the time for half a year, she's gonna have a big backyard to play around in. And I can easily take her out to the forest for exploring and exersizing every day. yaay!
Here is a blurry pic of her & her siblings 9 days old...she is black with brown paws.puppies.jpg

I'm sooo exited...and also a bit nervous. this is gonna be my first dog! Andreas is super experienced though so I guess we'll be fine, but I can't help worrying a little about making lots of mistakes. XD;

hehe so um yeah. I'm apologizing beforehand because I'll probably be pic-spamming everywhere when we get her in the middle of august.

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