Summer activities

Lotsa stuff happening lately, mostly workworkwork but also some super fun stuff!
I'm writing all this in a one BIG post since it was so long since I updated.

A couple of weeks ago I took a day off and went out on a photo-piknic with my friend Ludde. it was sooo much fun, we were out walking, talking and shooting stuff for over 5 hours! and then we had some simple dinner while we watched some fun youtube stuffs. Tack Ludde! lets do it again sooooon!!
I learned so much from him, I mean I know basically nothing about photography exept my own hands-on experience so it was reeaally nice to get some pro tips.
So here are some of the photos from our walk around dalarö.

About a week later, I ignored feeling like crap (allergies) and went out Hello Kitty/kawaii hunting in Stockholm with my friend Jenny.
we also had TONS of fun. I managed to get some pretty awesome stuff!! although I'm not gonna post pics since I will be giving some of it away to my friends.
later I finally got to see her place, it was small but cozy and really nice!
and I got to see her cuute hammie :

she showed me all her cute stuff and gave me lots of craft items too!!she said she didn't want them!
how could I say no?! I already have tons of ideas what to do with them!
tack för allt Jenny *kram*!

Then I also went on a 12h cruise with my parents, one of my brothers and one of my sisters. it was awesome too~~~my family is the best!
I managed to get sunburnt everywhere though it was hot and sunny!
my loot:

other than that, I've been continuing to set up my studio out here, and besides from that having guests over now and then and biking down to the beach that is just 5 minutes (by bike) from the house. YAY for SUMMER!! hehe my face is all freckly now.

OH! and I have something VERY exiting happening very soon!! Something that I've wanted to do for almost two years now is finally happening. I'll write more about it soon

sorry for the kinda stressed typing, but I was trying to make this post as quickly as possible. Today is Andreas' b-day so we are celebrating that. ^3^)/ I have more to blog about so see you all soon

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Wow! The photos are beautiful. And what a cute hamster!! Summer is awesome, but too hot! lol :P

Re: No title

Thank you Jennie!! e-266
So nice to meet you~ ^-^)/ Sorry for the late reply! I hope you will stop by again.
shall we link to eachother?

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