Happy☆Lucky Day!

Today was such an awesome day
I feel so lucky, Andreas and I went out to eat and look for a jacket for me. I don't have an autumn/spring jacket...that isn't a hoodie.
I found a cheap ($20) navy blue one, it's a bit tight to button up properly but I never button jackets anyway, and besides that it looked really good on me!
I'm gonna wear it tomorrow night as we're going out.

I also FINALLY got my hair cut off. LOL the hairdresser kept repeating "wow, you have REALLY thick hair" like five times. Just by cutting about half of it away I feel a couple of kilos lighter LOL. it feels good.
Ill take a pic of the hair and jacket before going out tomorrow. (Now it's all curly from walking home in the rain).

And also this afternoon (to my very suprise) TWO PACKAGES ARRIVED!!!
One was new nail supplies! Not much since I dont have so much money, but with them I should be able to make some cute nails again

and the other was a belated b-day present from my dear friend Saori.
She made this compact for me~

isnt it gorgeous!!!???!?!?? My fav colour combination Pink and Black.
Saoriちゃん~~ ありがとうございます~ ♪
とってもカワイイ♪ すごくうれしかったです!! ^3^)/

Im gonna sew a cute pouch for it so it doesnt get damaged!


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わ~い!!!Im so super happyv-10you liked the compactv-238happy happy birthday~ tho its lil latev-252
you are so sweetv-238v-238luv you Dianachan~v-254



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