Wow it's been some absurd days lately. I've been trying to work a lot on the comic project but it's been really hard to concentrate lately.One reason was that Andreas had an accident a couple of days ago.
We thought we should mowe the Andreas went out before me to take out the lawnmowers. As I step out of the door I see him getting up quickly and bumping his head into the corner of a roofplank. @0@;;; I started running towards him as he now was sitting on the ground crouching from pain blood running down his face.
I did my best not to panic...I ran inside to prepare to clean it out and called my mom for help/advice (she's a nurse). She told me how to clean it (shave the area around it etc) and patch it up, she said that in case he didnt have a concussion or the bleeding wouldnt stop there would be no reason to go all the way to the hospital. As they use tape tarther than stitches latey . She also told me what the signs of a concussion was, so I could look out for them. It was all very scary...I get weak in the knees from just seeing blood so I'm really proud of myself for keeping it together seeing a gaping wound like that and doing a great job patching him up if I may say so myself. The wound is healing super quick with absolutely no signs of infection. And he didn't have a concussion, but I stayed up all night keeping an eye on him (also so he didnt scratch it in his sleep).

Both him and I have taken it a bit easy for a couple of days after that. I think we were both shaken up.
And to end on an even lighter note, yesterday was the first time everything was back to normal (exept Andreas looks rather silly ;D) and on the way home we had some ice cream out while waiting for the bus and made friends with some cute birds.

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