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I just wanted to share the photos from my walk around Dalarö the other day. I needed some time to think, sketch, etc. Instead of sitting inside I packed lunch and my stuff and was out all day, walking around, sketching, taking notes and taking photos. It was a wonderful spring day
I love being active and I love having people around me, but sometimes I need some quiet time by myself, and this was perfect.

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Flickr Addict

No better place for a photo walk than Dalarö. Some nice photos here.

Re: Flickr Addict

Hehe I totally agree Dalarö is so nice! Thank you
Trevligt att träffas!! e-463
I'm gonna link to your wonderful blog, lots of awesome photos there v-363

WOW! You takes nice pictures! Love them~


v-398aww thank you!!!!


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