Dalarö & Valborg

Last week aside from working I have been doing a lot of things around the house and yard. My work room is almost set up enough that I can start bringing my boxes with stuff in here (they are in my parents basement right now) *exited*

I took a few more photos from the yard as everything is slowly still waking up for spring (mouse over for descriptions)
A woodpecker came to eat some of the food I put out for the small birds, it was cute! almost like a little bouquet of flowers in the middle of the lawn, don't you think?littleflowers.jpg
a cutie squirrel!

We celebrated Valborg this thursday We went to see the bonfire out here on Dalarö, but due to missing the bus we came kinda late, and it was mostly burned out by the time we got there.
Although the view from up on the mountain where the fire was was amazing, well worth the walk/and climb!
I tried to take some photos but it was too dark to take any decent photos without a tripod. But here is a photo from last autumn from Dalarö so you know what kind of view we had from up there

For Valborg I made some kishidango for the first time, they turned out yummy but the sauce turned out not as thick as I would like, so better luck next time.

Then on friday we went to visit my friend in his new apartment, it's kinda funny how he now lives in a neighborhood where I used to hang out a lot 11-12 years ago. It felt very nostalgic walking around there!
He made a super yummy dinner for us! :9 and we all had a lot of fun as Andreas tried out Madworld. ( for the first time I think it is ok for us to get a wii! LOL.)

On our way home there sure was cops everywhere! I guess because it was the 1st of may (it's a holiday here) and a friday, they were expecting a lot of trouble. Even all the way out to Handen there was policemen. @o@
Its good to feel safe but I can't help to think how much that night cost us taxpayers XD;

OH! I've also recieved my first comic manuscript, and I'm super exited about working on that! I've started a little already. But I will probably start working on it a lot this week.
^3^)/" laterz~~

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