Christmas prep

the pics from yesterday

made A LOT of these, they arent really pretty
but they are yummy as hell. Mandelmassa (a
paste like marzipan, only not as smooth..and
better tasting imo) + melted dark chocolate.

christmas candy

Had some fun and made japanese (和菓子)
inspired candies with the left over Mandelmassa

and this is how the christmas tree turned out.
Put less stuff on it than usual.^-^)/

thats it, I guess I won't be around until the 26th
or something (in Sweden we celebrate the 24th
but I'm visiting some more family after that).

Hope all of you have a absolutely wonderful Christmas

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neat blog ^^

cya after christmas :3

Re: No title

> neat blog ^^
> cya after christmas :3

miss u e-259
v-434can't wait til' u get back!

ahh i feel so hungry now, the sweets looks so delicious..

you like utada too? she is amazing isnt she???

i get so excited just talk about her...


Re: No title

Thank you! Wish you could taste some! I still have a lot left.v-363

Yes I do v-238 To be honest though it's not as much as I used to. Keep trying' is my fav single of hers among the later ones I think. Yours?

Keep tring? i love the MV, she looks soo cute~

I love all of her songs..for now my fav is Heart Station~ its my blog music now, because i love the melody~ it fits the winter theme perfectly and feels soo warm!!!

arr...I like "Passion",too.

but I listen to her songs too now I'm waiting for her new singles~ ..but she only publish like one a i'm waitinf painfully now!

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