SPX (small press expo) Stockholm 2009.

Tack alla som kom förbi mitt bord, alla som handlade och för alla fina kommentarer!! *GLAD*

Ni som undrade om fler Handgjorda saker (och eventuellt fansin) håll koll på min blog, fler saker kommer snarast.

This weekend SPX was held in here in Stockholm. I had booked a table for me and Andreas. I sold my handmade stuff and Andreas his japanese import merchandice.
I had a lot of fun, SPX always is! Meeting up with a so many swedish artists and dear friends from all over the country (some of whom only I see once a year at SPX because they live so far away). Meeting new people/making new friends there too is also a lot of fun of course!
I also put the word out I was looking for writers and it really seemed that some people where interested so I'm looking forward to see where that takes me.

After SPX I went out with a couple of friends to eat some Korean food, and later we went for a couple of beer/drinks. it was awesome! I spent too much money but it was well worth it!

I was supposed to go there today too (Sunday) but my body this morning told me that I should stay home, I feel like I might be getting sick.
Probably because I had many sleepless nights during the week before saturday, working and finishing handmade items.
But I pretty much sold all my stuff on the first day! and what little there was left Andreas could take care of. So no worries!

So thanks everyone! I wish I could have hung out/talked to all a lot more! hope you have a safe journey home

Some pics!

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It was great! I had a great time yesterday :)

Glad to hear that!!v-415


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