A week packed full of activities!

Wow I really have been super busy lately!
I was supposed to help my friends move but since the date of the actual moving got changed and clashed with the yardwork we promised to do with Andreas dad I went over there earlier and spent a day helping cleaning and packing instead.
The yardwork was exhausting btw, being out all day, Collecting branches and stuff and making a HUGE bonfire. I also spent a lot of time removing 3 meters of almost dead raspberry bushes. So the garden looks so nice now, with lots of animal life and many small flowers starting to sprout here and there.
20090421_3.jpg 20090421_4.jpg
20090421_1.jpg 20090421_2.jpg

I can't wait to start planting some new stuff though. This is all so new to me, to have this opportunity to have a garden is super exiting. I can't wait to see how it will look like this summer.

The day after that we went to celebrate my sister's 18th b-day (yeah there is only a week between our b-days). The family went out for dinner and I ate some suuuper yummy babyback ribs.

Had a lot of fun as usual

The day after that we went to hanami (cherry blossom viewing) in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm (I'll post some pics from that in a seperate post) and later out for dinner and drinks to celebrate my b-day with my friends.
Couldn't really do that last weekend since it was easter and stuff, and everyone was busy visiting family etc.
I had sooo much fun. We ate mongolian BBQ!!!!
Then we went to our fav bar where I had many yummy drinks, altough my brother made me chug a super discusting shot LOL

Thank you all so much, my dear friends

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