Package from Japan ♥

Today I recieved a package from my friend Aya!
It was filled with nail stuff and loads of yummy
japanese candies.

ステキなパッケージありがとうございます! とってもうれしいです

I got so many things, but I'll share just a few
with you.
I got a set of custom made nailtips, they are
gorgeous & perfect!!

and just look at her modified bearbrick!
it's soo cute
I think I'll put it on my black will fit

Of all the candies I got this was by far my
favourite..I could eat it forever
Marshmallows with strawberry filling.

the packaging is super cute too!

Thats enough "play" for today, I better get back
to work. Hope you all have a good day~

Thank you again Aya!

phew, writing japanese is hard ^^; hope I did not
make too many mistakes in this post...

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yay! you got it safely ^^
did you also like Natto and Ume candies? :D

i am sorry that nail-tips was small (><)
maybe you can pierce them and use it as charms or earrings, I've seen these kind of accessories before.

you wrote great Japanese, but maybe it was too polite for me lol



Hehe I havent opened natto candies yet, I will let you know! i-236
Ume had really weird flavour for us, but I like it! Andreas too!!
OH! and most suprising was air choco! they used to have swedish chocolate like that in the eighties here! so it felt super nostalgic eating it!

no worries. I will just try to make a matching pair of thumbnails, they are so pretty I really wanna wear theme-266

> you wrote great Japanese, but maybe it was too polite for me lol
LOLL well, I am just grateful as long as I don't make mistakes so I say something super rude or mean XD;;

Thanks for commenting~ ^^

might not good for ecology
but at least it's love e-287

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