Mangaclass and Food Poisoning

Seems fc2 had a lot of problems the last couple
of days but now it seems fine again. Sorry about
the downtime.

Wow this week has just been totally exhausting
....don't believe me?
Well, first of its been a week holiday for kids in
school here in sweden, which usually means I'm
travelling around to libraries and other things
having artclasses/mangaclasses. Don't get me
wrong, I LOVE doing it!
The kids are always wonderful, talented and so
eager to learn!
But rewarding as it is, It's also very exhausting
work, being very intense.
I usually get really sick afterwards, happened
this time too...
it's no wonder really, being in contact with
hundreds of kids in a supershort time. This
time I got a really high fever and swollen throat
& ears, it passed really quickly though so I'm
feeling better already.

Something that made this week a "bit" more
exhausting than usual was that on tuesday
Andreas got food poisoning
All from eating a cheeseburger at McDonalds.
Poor thing....

So Ive been looking after him when I wasn't
working. I've never seen him so sick before!

Andreas and I will take it easy for a while.
Hopefully it means I'll get a lot of drawing

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wow! I am glad he got better. I never had food poisoning! sounds scary.

wow! you are so good in art! guess you in contact with too many kids that why you got sick.. I work in a elementary school library and got sick often too.. Take care!


Me too! and never did I...with my super sensitive stomach I hope I never could be really dangerous for mev-356


aww thank you!!
wow you work in elementary school library!? that sounds like a fantastic job~~~ something I would love.

Yeah any job with kids I think you get sick a lot. happened to me when I worked at daycare too (was a looong time ago though)


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