week 2 of 365 Project (#007-#013)

Modesty Blaise

Sandybell (ハロー!サンディベル), Pippi

365 weekly update in progress


Kei & Yuri (Dirty Pair / ダーティペア )

So that was this week's stuff. I really hope you enjoyed them
Sorry for being one day late with this post but I really wasn't feeling too well yesterday evening.

Topic : Drawing
Genre : Anime/Manga

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These look great! I think my favorites here are She-ra and He-man! <3

Re: Karrey

Thank yyouuuuu~~~e-328
I giggled the whole time drawing the He-man one XD

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Love these drawings! :D They are all so good! And I got to see them IRL! W00t! <3

Re: Lania

that you did!!e-319
thank you so much for all your super kind words e-455!!

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Amazing She-Ra, but your He-Man drawing just shows that you're jealous of his sexual magnatism. Don't pretend woman can resist reverby latinos in bondage gear and Nina wigs.

Re:Two-Score and A Dozen

what do you mean? did you take my drawing & "so sexy" text as sarcasm?
What woman could say no to that gorgeous perfection of a man.
e-454resistance is futile

resistance is futile

When he's not battling skeletons, his casual clothes are burgundy shirt, pink tights, and kinky fur boots. And the best part? His tiny purple fur undies.

I'm glad not female. I can't imagine the torture of knowing he's out there and you can't have him.


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