New blog design (again ^^;)

... I only posted one update during all of January?? FAIL!

I'm suuuuuuuper happy that January is over though. It's always one of the worst months, absolutely no money because it's right after the holidays and it's just so damn long and dark!
Thankfully it's soon spring which is my favourite season.

As you can see I changed the layout of the blog again, I found this super cute design and couldn't stop myself from using it! the top banner is from the original design (so not drawn by me) I will change it asap. But isn't this design really cute and airy? I like it.

2011 has started pretty hectic for me, some works and loads of projects in the works right now. I'll keep you all updated as best I can, right now it's all very secret.

talk to you soon~

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Spring will come soon. It has become warm here recently too.

Re: Charlie

春が一番好きだ。 However there is still 1 dm snow on the ground...aaah >3<)/

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Hey, I like the new design! :D Very spunky! :D
Don't worry about only posting once during January, you make up for that on Twitter. :D
I too am glad that January is FINALLY over, it felt like it would never end! February is a short but cold month and when March is here, I hope to see some more signs of spring! HUGS!


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