First post of 2011

wow I had a really nice new years eve, I hope you all did too!

Last year I did new years resolutions, I never did them before because I thought they were silly. But in a way it's really good to set out some focused goals. So I'm gonna do it again! but first, evaluation of how I did with the last ones.

"Start drawing again!!!"
I think I did! although not as much as I'd like, it's absolutely a good start.

"set aside time to do more crafting and photography
be more active on internet (Blog, Homepage, Pixiv etc)
Yes and No? I did earlier in the year but then I simply became too busy with the wedding and other things. But I really tried to.

"continue on steadily increasing the weightloss/exercise regime I've been on for 6 months so far *proud*"
I truly did for a couple of months and then I got gallstones. Everything was kinda put upside down, I tried to exercise as usual but food wise it was just really hard. as I had to eat what I could. This all made me loose weight but it also left me feeling incredible weak and out of energy. And that is the complete opposite to what my goal is! I wanna loose weight but most of all I wanna feel healthy and energetic. To be fair tho the whole gallstone deal helped me learn how to eat really slowly and in small portions, two GREAT skills.

"don't stress/panic while making wedding plans"
I know I said I was panicking already before, but in retrospect I think I did a really good job! I spent most of the time being relaxed about everything


And now my goals for 2011!

Rebuild/repair my body
Save money (so we can go on that trip to Japan in October)
Finish/"publish" at least one project
Make those hard decisions about the future
Stop being so hard on myself all the time

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