Christmas and end of the year talk

Wow I absolutely had an amazing Christmas!
I did not think we could possibly top last year's, but we did!!
the last ppl left this afternoon. It feels sad that it's over...
How was yours??
As some friends were super curious about the Swedish Christmas dinner table I took so pics too. I will try to post them later tonight on my Flickr

As I haven't been able to be around much I am trying to catch up on everyone's activities now. It got me thinking a lot about this year, 2010 went by super fast, so much happened.
What is your favourite memories/happenings of 2010?
I'd love to hear about them!
For me it is several! having my friends stay over during SPX, surprise bachelor/bachelorette party, GETTING MARRIED, this christmas...and getting closer to a lot of online/RL friends.

EDIT (27/12): food pics are finally up. took a bit longer than expected XD; (due to falling asleep on the sofa orz
And THANK YOU ALL for sharing your favourite memories with me on twitter & facebook! so much fun to read :D

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Hm, my favorite moments are; meeting my BF, spending time with friends and meeting YOU finally! ;D, this christmas, the summer when I was a bride's maid and yeah, lots of moments. :)
I'm glad you had such a great christmas, and year overall, you deserve it! <3<3

Re: Lania

thanks for sharing~~e-266
and YESSSS meeting up was awesome!!!! I wanna see you soon again!


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