Artdump (new and old stuff)

some of these are old but might as well post them. ^^

OLD idea I had for a "Nights" christmas card in art noveau style

My character Pururun in "girl" manga style

Cover for a comic idea I had (I won't be doing it tho)

Comic page for ANOTHER comic I won't be doing orz

And Since I've been re-reading a lot of ElfQuest lately I got inspired to do some "EQ" art ;

Moonshade & Strongbow

Artdump on my blog :D
Various EQ characters + one original

Topic : Fan Art
Genre : Anime/Manga

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Wow, the red-head is fierce! I LOVE it! You draw so well! ^___^

Re: Lania

hehe she is one of my favourite characters from elfquest! she is awesome~~
thank you always for your kind words, the nice things you said when we met are the reason I had the energy to bother posting these v-392. e-328

Woo, awesome :D

Wow! :D I had no idea! I'm so glad I could inspire you though, I'm always so happy to see your drawings, new or old! <3<3<3<3

Re:Lania & Surasshu

aww thank you! :D so you'll be visiting tomorrow then btw? I better clean up this place a bit XD looks like crap (as always tho)


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