how do you like my new (temporary) header ?

there is supposed to be art where my ugly mug is, but I couldn't decide what/how to draw it, so this will have to do for now. Also made some other tweaks to the blog in general, I hope you all will like.

EDIT: gaaaaaaaaah tried for hours to add a damn facebook "like" button, but it just doesn't seem to work >.<;; it it's impossible get it aiming at separate just "likes" the whole's driving me crazy.

EDIT2: yey! a small victory at last. I managed to add twitter and "share on facebook" into the script now :) but both links to the mainpage if clicked on from the mainpage (instead of in the specific post). Although during my research/tweaking it does seem like there is nothing I can do about that at this time.

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I like the new header! You look cool and cute, of course. ;)


awww tack!!!! e-266
Happy there is someone that likes it !
just added your link btw v-392
can't wait til friday!! ~~~~ did we decide on a time already? I forget.

Yey! :D Thanks for adding my link!
Well, I end work at 16.00 so I think I will be able to be at Åhléns around 16.30 if all goes well. :) I need to pick up some movie tickets for Saturday too, so if you wanna say 5 PM that's fine with me too! :D I'm so excited! I'm bringing my camera! This date will get eternal life in my blog. ;)

Re: Lania

Oh noes kamera!! hahaha ska f旦rs旦ka att inte se f旦r hemsk ut. Jag tr辰ffar g辰rna dig p奪 en g奪ng och g奪r tillsammans. Det visar sig att jag m奪ste ta blodprov imorron eftermiddag s奪 jag kommer att vara inne i stan och f旦rdriva tiden efter det 辰nd奪. e-328

Jag lovar att jag inte ska ta s奪 m奪nga bilder att jag skr辰mmer dig. ^^;; Men vad bra, s辰llskap till bion allts奪! :D Hm, blodprov? Hoppas det inte 辰r n奪t allvarligt. *kram kram* v-34


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