Art Academy (絵心教室) for the Nintendo DS

(I'll write a bit longer than usual this time. )
I love it, it has totally got me drawing again on a more regular basis!

So how does it compare?
The drawbacks about drawing in this program compared to drawing in any program on your computer are of course there, but most of them I really like!

The resolution for once, it feels nice to know when you start drawing that because of the size limitations it CAN'T be a super masterpiece, and that makes me have more fun and it's easier to let loose and draw.

No tracing possible not that I do that, a lot of people do and don't tell so I think it's great that it isn't possible!

No eyedropper tool (well there is one, but it only picks up the color of your ref photo and you have to mix the closest thing possible)
This one really showed me how much I over-use it normally, and not only has this made me get better at colour mixing and theory, the results are usually nicer to boot.

No undo!
This one is actually a real problem for me. I know I am too addicted to it, actually when I draw on real paper I sometimes forget there is no "undo" and ruin pictures by mistake. So in that way it is good for me!
BUT (!!) there is a huge problem when drawing on the DS!
If you accidentally touch the screen with your hand while you are drawing there will be a big line drawn all across the screen!!(It was a problem for me when using "Colors" too). So yeah, save often is my advice, cause most of the times it's impossible to "repair".

For future versions I am hoping for;
Softer & Smoother blending
More colors (as in you can mix many more shades of each color)
More saving possibilities (as of now you can only do one pic at a time)
A bit higher resolution

this is some of the drawings I've done so far;

Working with references:
This is from one of the lessons in the game

this is from a photo I snapped of a cover of a 70s comic.
(Original Here)

This is me trying to copy Swedish Painter Anders Zorn's painting Spetssöm

and then some fanarts & originals:
Oskar (rose of Versailles/ ベルサイユのばら)

PoPoLoCrois ポポロクロイス物語
Popolo Crois

original mix
DSi doodles
DSi Drawings #2

hope you liked this long post
And sorry again for the long hiatus!

OH and I LOVE the Japanese Commercial!

Topic : Art(アート)
Genre : Study/Culture/Art

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