Super long time since I updated now
Life has been so crazy! I've been meaning to write many times but I keep putting it off, mainly because a couple of buttons are broken on my keyboard
"." for example, and that makes writing anything long a real pain in the a**. LOL

Sooo, during this time, What has happened?

First and most important, I AM MARRIED!!!!!
Of course this is also a reason for me not updating much ^^;; as I was busy working with stuff for that. I am very glad we finally did it
I am so happy and love my husband so much~~~

This whole summer was great, Since my husband(...yes, I love saying that ;D) started chef school last year it felt like we didn't see each other very much, so this summer was awesome in the way that we could spend a lot of time together. Although he did study throughout the summer but it was "from home".
This summer was also a super hot one here in Sweden, so we spent a lot of time at the beach and BBQing etc. Saga learned how to swim and if it was up to her I think she would like to have spent the whole summer in the water. LOL

hmm and what else, OH! maybe this is the most important of all? I started drawing more regurlary again!!
It is all thanks to the DSi game "Art academy". I love it!
I'll make another post later today with some of my works and more information.

PS....And I really should get working on that banner *kicks self*.........and homepage.. orz

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Diana Jakobsson

Author:Diana Jakobsson
Hi! I'm from Sweden.
I love anything creative!♥
Drawing, crafting, デコ, taking photos etc

Nice to meet you all, and I hope you enjoy reading my blog♪





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