Nails Nails Nails~~

oh yeah I forgot to add, I even had Cherry blossoms on my nails!
Sakura nails (2010)

although I really like last years a little better
Sakura nails
mostly because of my love for the pink hologram dots (they don't really come out well in photos tho)

By next year I hope that I have enough skill to actually sculpt some flowers instead of using stickers ^^;

oh and as this already is a nail post, this is what my nails look like now:
very VERY simple but I like. ^^
bow nail

Topic : Nail Art
Genre : Fashion

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Very pretty ♥
Love the 2nd pic! You do it yourself?
If yes, you must post some tutorial for this! I ♥ nails too :-)

Re: muahaha

aww thank you!!♥ nice to meet you
yes I did them myself! Id love to make a tutorial but I suck at it XD;; I will try though~~~
Nails are so much fun ♥♥♥


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