busy~~busy April!

Altho mostly busy with something fun & cool tho! you guys will see at the end of this week

I'm so happy spring has finally arrived here!!~~~~ yeeey~~! just some small piles of snow left in the corners of the yard!
first signs of proper spring out here:
our garden is waking up

even Saga is enjoying the sun:
Saga enjoying the sun

Last sunday I turned 29!! haha wow!! although I am not a person to obsess about age, it doesn't really matter to me..infact I forget my own age quite often and when someone asks I look really stupid..goiing all "uumm..lets see...*counts in head*..28?..err no 29!?" ^^;;
(I thought I was 29 for the most part of last year!).
What does matter to me (a lot!) though are my friends and family. They all helped make this weekend super awesome. I felt really spoiled!
luv you all~~
I even got some super cute artwork-gifts from my awesome friends on Flickr!

how awesome is that!?

well, back to work for me. posting soon again~~

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Hisashiburidesu (笑)

How are you?
My address has changed and moved><

Re: Hiro

Hi Hiro~~
I am so very happy to get in contact with you again. I missed you!
Did your real adress change too? I sent you christmas card before?

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