so cold! the snow just keeps coming now.
It is beautiful though, took some photos and if
any are good I'll uplod later to my flickr.
I went for a 40min walk, mainly to blow of
some steam. Been really annoyed because
my computer started acting weird yesterday
and continues to do so today. freezing up
and stuff.
But I think i have located the problem now.
As soon as it is more stable I'll do some work
and then continue on my DeviantArt "150
000 hits thank you" image. I mean.. that is
amazing ... I'm kinda blown away by the number.
Especially since I'm not really active at all...
and I didn't even visit for a year or more
around 2004

Oh! and while I work today I'm definitely not
gonna have msn on. Yesterday night my
computer froze completely just by me clicking
"accept file transfer" from my friend
Took about 35 minutes to make it restart
properly after that.

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where is your DeviantArt? I wanna see~~

ahh so that is what happened ^^;; sorry about that XD

I actually made TWO compo songs yesterday but the recording software was interfering with keyboard shortcuts... I fixed it now though so next time...

happy blogger< yey! here it is http://pu.deviantart.com/ . I have not finished the thank you image yet though so that isnt up yet. hope you like my gallery!

surasshu< yeah :( had a lot of trouble getting online afterwards too, so in the end I just went to bed i-180
wow two!! seems you broke out of the creator's block too then! I'm happy to hear it v-426
(i'll come online on msn when poison is done i-236 )

Your blog is so nice. I was checking out your deviantart and WOW!!! Your drawings are amazing. You have so much talent!! :)

damn, that snow looks nice.
/ doesnt ever snow here

un3xpectedfate< thanks for the comment! and glad you like my art & blog v-363 *happy*!!

harto< aww I was almost gonna say that you are lucky. But I don't think I could handle a winter without at least seeing snow once...e-330
I wish spring would come soon though, it is my favourite season


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