the coldest of winter

and Hello Kitty is skating on my snowy windowsill~~
d Hello Kitty is skating on my snowy windowsill~~

Hi everyone. how are you doing?
there really isn't much comments on my blog, but I know you guys are out there, as this blog reached over 7000 hits the other day.THANK YOU!! Don't be afraid to comment! I'd love to be able to communicate more with you all.

There is sooooo much snooooooowwww here atm!!! I don't think the collected amount of snow shoveling during all my life even comes close to half of the amount I have been doing this winter alone...
In some areas the snow is so deep you can just see Saga's ears if she stands still LOL
It's really beautiful out here though
But it's hard find time to do anything other than daily chores and work so ofcourse I haven't been drawing much at all. Any free time I've had (most often late evening when Saga is resting and Andreas is playing MassEffect two) I've been working on wedding and work related stuff..
Next week is usually the busiest week of the year for me because it's spring holidays here. So the whole week I'm holding manga/drawing lectures and classes for kids all over stockholm. I hope the weather is better so that I can actually get everywhere in you can imagine due to all the snow the trains and busses etc have not really been working smoothly.

I have to admit I've also been playing a little more Dragon Age when Saga takes her lunchtime nap. I love the DLC(downloadable content)! so much fun!
I really like my cute and super strong dwarf character
if/when I have time I'm most definitely gonna draw some DA art.

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Re: K

Jag me!!! ser fram emot expansionen så jag kan spela ÄNNU mer!


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