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yey I love FC2, I'm so glad it's available in English now! Althoug I could probably get arund inJapanese it'd be a lot of unnessesary trouble with each update
I just came to my parent's place btw, I will be staying here until after Christmas. I'm gonna have a lot of fun hanging out with my family, it always is (we are five siblings)....just wish the snow was here, not this rain and cold wind only.

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haha~ it must be fun to spend xman w/ ur family` i hope you get lots of presents!!!v-25

and i hope it will snow that day~v-276

nice to meet u, I'm ayaka,
your blog template looks so dedicated and cute~

lets be friends~~~v-7


OH! thank you ayaka!! ^-^)/ I wish the same for you~
I'd love to be your friendv-344

Thank you also for liking the blog template, it was the cutest I found! but I have only begun to tweak it. Hopefully tomorrow I will make it look more personal i-266

hello~ nice to meet you *u*

eeh, christmas with family? i hope i get to spend it with them too, i miss family xD ~

/ added your blog to her links list *u*

Nice to meet you too Harto! v-222
I really hope you will be able to spend it with your family~! for me christmas without family isn't really christmas.

I'll add your blog to my links later on...I have a lot of links to add therei-202 (too lazy to do that today though)

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