Happy Halloween!

A little early I know, and I normally don't do Halloween card/drawings, but Pixiv is already in full blown Halloween craze so I drew this quickie tonight
Hope you like ^o^)/


Topic : Fan Art
Genre : Anime/Manga

GAP: Resident Evil 5 / バイオハザード5


Well I guess none of my facebook friends can have missed that I've been playing this
game lately.
I love the whole Resident evil series! but I'm too jumpy to play games like this (exception is Parasite eve I guess??), also I used to get really annoyed at the save system as I am the type of person that saves A LOT.

I've always watched when my husband played instead, but this one we played together! co-op! was tons of fun!!
I was a lot better than I thought too, had to save Andreas' ass soooo many times! LOL

We finished the game over a week ago, but still have the "extra missions" left to play.
We also decided we're gonna go buy the Umbrella chronicles later (the Wii game that I guess we should have played before this, but didn't know it had co-op).
It will be nice to start up the old wii too, it's always just sitting there collecting dust...

Enough worthless chatter, doodles!
Hope you all enjoy~~
(probably more coming soon)

I loved drawing with the 3d models as reference, made for some great "stylization" (is that even a proper word?) practices...
still after all these years I haven't found my style 100% yet. So it's great for me!

GAP: Sheva

GAP:Chris & Sheva

And one extra:
this really happened A LOT!!! XD;;;

Topic : XBOX360
Genre : Games


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Diana Jakobsson

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