I made my first decorated nailtips the other day! It was so much fun
First try for making "wedding nails" maybe?
I wanna make some black ones next~~


other than that I've been busybusy with stuff here at home, But updating almost daily on Flickr tho!
So I guess that my new years resolution to "be more active on internet" is still going strong.
I REALLY want to keep it up!

...although the one about not stressing over weddingplans is already broken LOLLLL
Stressing about money of course!! (even tho our wedding is going to be super small!)

Topic : Nail Art
Genre : Fashion

G.A.P : Ancient Jeanne (from Bayonetta)

more Bayonetta!
G.A.P : Ancient Jeanne (from Bayonetta)
Ancient Jeanne is by far my fav design in the whole game.

☆Black Chandelier☆

I've wanted a black chandelier for a long time...but they are so expensive. Sooo fabulous though~~~~
I came up with the idea of trying to make one myself. So I've been keeping an eye on tradera/second hand stores for a good lamp "base". And this one came up...
so perfect!! better than I could have hoped for.

after scrubbing and cleaning it, the paint on it was soo yellow...really icky!! and spraypainting it black (took so many layers!), I added some rainbow prisms I bought over e-bay.
chandelier #1 in progress

It's not completely done yet though, the prisms are only quickly fastened with hooks as of now. I'm gonna make better looking hooks.
Later on I'll buy prisms in other colours (I am gonna be able to easily change colours of the chrystals when I feel like it, how cool is that!?) And I'm gonna do some other tweaking here and there. Maybe add some chained prisms too??
here are some pics of how it looks now:
chandelier #2
chandelier #3
This lamp has only cost me a total of 600kr (85 USD) this far! so cheap! and the end result is far better than most of the ones I was looking at for inspiration too! Yay for DIY!

G.A.P: Bayonetta

a little more detailed than a sketch this time:
G.A.P #2 : Bayonetta
I this game!!

Game Art Project

(aka my kick in the butt to start drawing again)

I don't know how many of you know.. but I really slowly stopped drawing during the last year (s?).
I honestly was considering quitting for real for a while (partly due to some circumstances I won't go into here). It just seems I'm having this huge obstacle I need to get over to be able to develop further as an artist. By far the biggest one in all of the years I've been drawing.
But meeting and talking to my friend Aggi really inspired me to fight to get back into it again . Thank you so much, for your encouragement and Kind words and especially seeing your huge sketchbook, it all truly gave me the kick I needed

Andreas and I came up with this idea, that when he plays videogames, I should sketch (instead of just watch/follow the story loosely while surfing the web etc)and do it all on the theme of whatever he is playing at the moment. This way I should be able get in hopefully 2-3 hours of drawing each week. And I don't have to waste time on "...gah what should I drawwww" nonsense!
Great idea huh?! and it's not an overwhelming start either.
It will probably be really tough in the beginning so any encouragement is greatly appreciated

here are the first sheets of quick doodles (Assassins Creed II & Brütal Legend):
Assassins Creed II

Topic : XBOX360
Genre : Games

Vampire (Hunter /Saviour) themed sketches

as usual click "all sizes" on Flickr for biggest resolution. (I hope me hosting my art on Flickr isn't problematic? let me know!)

...I really love this kind of pose..

Gallon & Bulletta
Gallon & Bulletta
super old sketch I found and finished lately.

I also took some new photos with my new camera (I loveLoveLOVE it!!) I uploaded those to flickr too.

Topic : Art(アート)
Genre : Study/Culture/Art

I HAVE A CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it!!!
it's a Canon eos 1000d

No more taking pics with my crappy (more than 8 years old!) point-and-shoot camera (or borrowing Andreas' Dad's).

Those of you that know me IRL especially are probably thinking:
"but... they are so poor" "how can she afford it??"

Okay let me get you the story behind everything. About two years ago I took a job in the midst of me working super hard with a lot of other things, I figured it would be worth working my ass off since I could make enough extra money to finally buy the camera I've been wanting (and needing for work even).
I did the work and even got sick for a couple of weeks because I worked myself out...but the money never came.
After A LOT of trouble, and like 3000 phonecalls I finally got my money!

..but things are so tight right now so even though they where always intended for the camera I just could not see how I could possibly use them for that.
A while ago I saw that they had "my camera" 1500 kr (~210 USD) cheaper than the cheapest place I've found (even compared to e-bay), as a christmas special. But I just couldn't do it. Andreas and I even fought about it! When I was completely in tears Andreas just said "I'm gonna go and order that camera, you worked for it and thats the end of this discussion". he is too wonderful. ..
I am glad he did though, I am so happy!
even though I know it's for work too, I just couldn't justify using all that money on something just to myself.
I'm so lucky to have Andreas

It's a pretty cheap camera for the pro photographer but it's JUST what I need. I spent months looking through reviews to find the PERFECT one for me. In time I will invest in lenses etc. (And when I feel really rich I can upgrade to a better canon camera and still have use for all extra stuff I have invested in)


First sketchdump of 2010

just some random scanned junk
sketches #2
sketches #1
(trying to see how hosting art on flickr will work, don't forget to click "all sizes" to get big versions)

Topic : Art(アート)
Genre : Study/Culture/Art

The amazing adventures of Spike #1

"I say there is too much dog on this blog!"
"it is I, Spike"
"the one who will protect mankind from boring dog blog-posts and flying sourcream canisters! and I shall do it all with my ninja-cat fighting skills!"














"..okay, OKAY! really my head got stuck in it....3 times.."

but most important, Saga didn't get ANY sourcream! ha-HA!!PICT2841.jpg
I'll be back..!

Happy 2010!

my new year resolutions
(normally I don't do them)

Start drawing again!!!
set aside time to do more crafting and photography
be more active on internet (Blog, Homepage, Pixiv etc)
continue on steadily increasing the weightloss/exercise regime I've been on for 6 months so far *proud*
don't stress/panic while making wedding plans

Topic : Everyday Life
Genre : Blog


If you like my work and feel like you have a little money to spare for a struggling artist, you can support me by donating a buck or two. Everything donated will go to art and craft materials ♥

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