2009 Nail Arts

I will definitely also spend some time this coming year to get better at nailart (and to remember to actually take pics of the ones I make)
Just for fun here are some of the ones I made in 2009
B-day Nails
Sakura nails
Tropical~glitter Nails
simple blue glitter nails.

Nailart is so much fun!!

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Yikes! was it because I complained??? LOL because since monday we've pretty much been bombarded with snow. I know all over the country it's probably causing a lot of trouble, but Saga and I have been having the time of our life! can't remember playing this much in snow since I was a very small kid.

I posted a video of Saga's first day in the snow on youtube:

And heres some photos


Where is the snow??

It seems a lot of my friends all over the world are getting snow now...but here it's still only rain...
Please snow, come soon~!!

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This weekend we celebrated Sinterklaas
It all came about due to my friend Steven being Dutch and his sweet parents sending us all cute little Sinterklaas gifts!!
It was a lot of fun! We lit a lot of candles, played a lot of Xbox360(lol) ate cookies and drank lotsa Glögg.
Saga was loving it! she goes absolutely crazy when people come to visit.

We each got GIANT chocolate letters!

LOL together our letters spelled out the word "SAD" (Steven, Andreas & Diana)

I love candles, I can't get enough of them this time of year.

I got this cute gift too~ now I can make doggie treats for Saga!!
doggie treats

I hope you all had a great weekend too

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Saga Update

Just a little bit of an update on Saga now.
Anyone annoyed by mouth smacking sounds? Luckily I'm not! I've been hearing them almost constantly for two days now! Poor saga has had four tooths that are really loose but the new tooths have already come up so the old ones have been pushed to the sides. So it must feel really uncomfortable for the poor thing. So she has been walking around making smacking sounds..LOLLLL too cute
Last night two of them finally fell out! yey, so only two left to go. ^^

Yesterday was the first real frost day out here. Saga was very confused by the whole thing...I CAN'T WAIT for her to experience snow~~~~~! I hope it comes soon! and yay for some sushine finally. For you non Swedes out there I really can't explain how much happiness that gives me...it's only light for such few hours here during winter and most of it is usually just an icky dreary grey

first day of frostfirst day of frost

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I love watching birds! I bumped into this kind of model of birdfeeder when I was surfing the web a while ago. Its so smart! and they get so close I just HAD to get one!
I got mine HERE highly reccomended!

Spike and I watch the birds a lot in my studio now, it only took them two days to find the feeder.


If you like my work and feel like you have a little money to spare for a struggling artist, you can support me by donating a buck or two. Everything donated will go to art and craft materials ♥

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