My first close encounter

Yesterday something totally suprising happened! When Saga and I were out playing in the yard..I turned a corner and was suddenly face to face with an Elk (thats Moose for you Americans)!
She was about a meter from my face, super still and concentrated on me, but I just slowly walked away and went inside. Saga was busy looking for sticks so she didn't notice anything! LOL but I think she may have caught the scent just as we were walking back through the front door.
Elks are usually not agressive but you never know. We watched from the window and saw that it was a mum with two calves. So yeah, it was a good idea!
I got my camera and snapped a pic, but by this time they had moved a bit further away. It's hard to tell how incredible big they are in this pic tho.
Heehe exiting day! I heard they chased them back into the forest a day or two later, as they were making a lot of trouble out here.

Hi! I'm B A C K ~♪


I've been without internet for a while(almost two months!?). Our internet service ended and we had to wait for payday until we could get a brand new one. BUT now we have a proper wireless network out here!! & I think more than 6 times faster internet too!! So yey! It feels good to be back.
I'll be posting some backlog within the next days, so stay tuned

It's good to be back!


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Diana Jakobsson

Author:Diana Jakobsson
Hi! I'm from Sweden.
I love anything creative!♥
Drawing, crafting, デコ, taking photos etc

Nice to meet you all, and I hope you enjoy reading my blog♪





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