Puppy's first day at the beach

we went down to the last sunday. Just going there and back was an adventure in itself LOL
Here are some cute photos from when we were at the beach though.

it was a little bit scary at first, so Saga stayed close to daddy. look at those cute paws!
Puppy's first day at the beach

but...whats this!? a little piece of wood under the water??
Puppy's first day at the beach

suddenly it was not so scary anymore and we could go quite far out.
Puppy's first day at the beach

after being out a while splashing around we reached the point when the water was deep enough to reach her tummy it got a little scary again. so we headed back.
Puppy's first day at the beach

wet dog!
Puppy's first day at the beach

after we dried and fed her we all took a nap on the blanket for about 40 minutes before heading home. ^^
Puppy's first day at the beach

such a wonderful day

Topic : I love animals
Genre : Pet/Animal

Puppy Photos~

Wow summer is pretty much nearing it's end here. I've already seen a lot of leaves turn red

I've been doing so much this summer!
Things are slowing down a little though, during most of the day it's just me, the puppy and spike at home. Andreas has started school so I guess I'm a "stay at home mom" right now. It really feels like it with the puppy and all the stuff that needs to be done around the house.

I can't believe we've already had our puppy more than a week!! and she grows so fast! I'm gonna be picspamming more as she grows (lemme know if it's starting to be too much)
We named her Saga (story/tale), as we wanted something old and nordic. She just turned 9weeks old~~~

Topic : I love animals
Genre : Pet/Animal


I simply must post about this too~
on the busride to Dalarö after the concert Andreas and I had a really bizzare moment!
All of a sudden we started hearing this song from the busdriver's radio:

turns out it was playing on the radio here. weeeird, nostalgic and fun at the same time.
I truly thought I was hearing things at first tho.

Topic : J-Music
Genre : Music

Sinfonia Drammatica.

Yesterday night my best friend treated me to dinner out and Sinfonia Drammatica.
It was amaaazing. I had so much fun!!! I've been to the first two "Play!" concerts (which I loved) but this time it felt much more professional, like a real classical concert. Not much talking, a much better behaved audience and NO SCREENS! Finally!
Chris Hülsbeck has been one of my fav composers since early childhood. I loved the music in Giana sisters so much (it was my fav game together with stunt car racer). When they played the great Giana Sisters Suite I got goosebumps all over and tears in my eyes. Those tunes are truly a big part of my childhood.
Suprisingly enough for me the song they played that I liked best besides that, was a song by Yoko Shimomura I've never heard before. I have to be honest and say I've not really heard much at all of her music before this. But the song "Echoes of the spiral" from Legend of Mana. Was by far good enough for me to wanna by her latest album just for that one song.

If this concert is held in your country city etc, don't pass it up!! even if you don't know much about the composers or the games the tunes are from it's a really enjoyable concert. I highly recommend it.

OH! and just before the concert I scared the shit out of, went up and said hi for the first time to someone I've known online for over eight years but never met! LOL I hope I didn't frighten her too much. it was fun though!

some photos~

our cutie puppy~~❤ 

Andreas went to visit her again, and filmed her since I couldn't come with him. she IS SO CUUUUTE!!! I can't wait for her to grow old enough for her to come home to us

and some screencaps



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