I'm being so spoiled by my precious friends lately I don't even know what to say anymore
I'm so lucky

I(/we) got a lot of engagement/anniversary gifts!!

and late last night I recieved a package from my friend 綾ちゃん!!
so much good stuff, just for me! I can't believe it!



Patlabor stamp! awesome~

Now i'm off to stash all of the japanese candy somewhere until saturday (I'm on a diet, so I can eat sweets only on saturdays)

Midsummer nights Eve

Did you guys have a good midsommar? (midsummer nights eve?)
it was celebrated in Sweden yesterday. I had a pretty sad midsummer having really bad migraines on and off for days. I don't know what caused them, allergies or that I need glasses. I'm gonna go check my eyes next week @ the optician.
But sweetie managed to make it cozy and nice anyways, so I took a few pics of our midsummer dinner.

LOL extremely swedish!! click on photos to go to flickr for notes.

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this is a bit late news for those who don't follow my blog/facebook BUT I´M ENGAGED!! *happy* I wanted to write about it earlier but after our big party I've been too busy cleaning up, catching up on work and being allergic.
I am so happy♪ I didn't think it would mean so much to me.. It all is suprising!
Andreas proposed to me on the night of our tenth anniversary. *^3^*)/ how romantic!

We had our party the day after Andreas proposed, it was supposed to be a big tenth anniversary party but I guess it sorta turned into an engagement party instead but either way it was awesome! I had so much fun I still can't stop thinking about it. ♥
I all of my friends!! and all my dear friends outside of Stockholm & Sweden too, wish you all could have been there!

☆10th Anniversary☆

Today it has been ten years since Andreas & I became a couple. Time has flown by so fast!!
Not much time for celebrations today, as We're busy prepping for a big celebration party tomorrow.
I'm so exited

Meet my friend Jiji the outdoor cat.

There are lots of outdoor cats around here. I think most of them are wild. Aside from Jiji we have two other cats that circulate around our area and house (Michael and another smaller black cat that I haven't named yet). They are too shy to come up to me yet though, they keep their distance.
But Jiji ia super cuddly and friendly, likes to keep you company with whatever you are doing. Talks a lot too. Spike glares/hisses and meow-growls at Jiji from the windows and Jijis reaction is just "ok, whatever" LOL
I have some super cheap dry food that Spike just refuses to even touch, I put out a bowl of that almost every day. Jiji eats it most often I think, although meows for you come out to keep him/her company.

When it was really cold out this spring I put out a cardboard box with an old sofa pillow in the bottom, in a shielded area, so that Jiji or any other cat would have somewhere comfy and dry to sleep if they wanted to. Jiji seems to like it a lot

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3000 hits already!? thank you all☆

...I just now noticed it so I just super quickly threw something together sorry it's not very good

No pic of the hair yet. I haven't had the time/forgot about it
But, Wow once again I had an amazing weekend!!
on friday Andreas, I and my best friend went out for some yummy food.
I had Sukiyaki! yumyumyum
at kato

and straight from there we went to see stand up comedian Lewis Black. it was a b-day present from my best friend as Lewis Black is my favourite!! The show was SO AWESOME! One of the best b-day presents ever!
After that we stayed over at my friends apartment. On saturday Andreas did errands while my friend and I watched some funny stuff and just hung out. Later at night we went to celebrate sweden's national day, at another friend. Had a lot of yummy white wine And I got to discuss a lot of 80's j-pop idols, which is always nice!

BUT I'm now just trying to cope with my grass-pollen allergy, it's in full bloom right now and lemme tell you, I CAN FEEL THAT IT IS!
gah it's soo bad
I think today I'll be doing computer work from my bed all day with my trusty friend mr Aircleaner by my side.

hihi, only a few days left now

Happy☆Lucky Day!

Today was such an awesome day
I feel so lucky, Andreas and I went out to eat and look for a jacket for me. I don't have an autumn/spring jacket...that isn't a hoodie.
I found a cheap ($20) navy blue one, it's a bit tight to button up properly but I never button jackets anyway, and besides that it looked really good on me!
I'm gonna wear it tomorrow night as we're going out.

I also FINALLY got my hair cut off. LOL the hairdresser kept repeating "wow, you have REALLY thick hair" like five times. Just by cutting about half of it away I feel a couple of kilos lighter LOL. it feels good.
Ill take a pic of the hair and jacket before going out tomorrow. (Now it's all curly from walking home in the rain).

And also this afternoon (to my very suprise) TWO PACKAGES ARRIVED!!!
One was new nail supplies! Not much since I dont have so much money, but with them I should be able to make some cute nails again

and the other was a belated b-day present from my dear friend Saori.
She made this compact for me~

isnt it gorgeous!!!???!?!?? My fav colour combination Pink and Black.
Saoriちゃん~~ ありがとうございます~ ♪
とってもカワイイ♪ すごくうれしかったです!! ^3^)/

Im gonna sew a cute pouch for it so it doesnt get damaged!


Mothers Day + DSi

It's been sooo hot here lately!!
I'm glad for a rainy day today, very nice for my allergies that are just getting into the worst weeks now.
This sunday was Mother´s Day here in Sweden. So I visited my mom (and also went with dad to grandma). I got my mom her fav flowers:
My mom looked really beat-up she had a bad bike accident the day before. What IS it with everyone getting hurt lately! take care!!

Andreas and I also turned in our DS + some used games to get a brand new DSi.
The camera is a lot of fun actually! But I'm not so sure about the matte surface I imagine it'll get dirty super soon. it feels a lot more luxurios though.
We also got a Wii!! Havent unpacked that yet though. And Andreas got me Wii sports too, and I can't wait to get started with that super soon! *exited*


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