Wow it's been some absurd days lately. I've been trying to work a lot on the comic project but it's been really hard to concentrate lately.One reason was that Andreas had an accident a couple of days ago.
We thought we should mowe the Andreas went out before me to take out the lawnmowers. As I step out of the door I see him getting up quickly and bumping his head into the corner of a roofplank. @0@;;; I started running towards him as he now was sitting on the ground crouching from pain blood running down his face.
I did my best not to panic...I ran inside to prepare to clean it out and called my mom for help/advice (she's a nurse). She told me how to clean it (shave the area around it etc) and patch it up, she said that in case he didnt have a concussion or the bleeding wouldnt stop there would be no reason to go all the way to the hospital. As they use tape tarther than stitches latey . She also told me what the signs of a concussion was, so I could look out for them. It was all very scary...I get weak in the knees from just seeing blood so I'm really proud of myself for keeping it together seeing a gaping wound like that and doing a great job patching him up if I may say so myself. The wound is healing super quick with absolutely no signs of infection. And he didn't have a concussion, but I stayed up all night keeping an eye on him (also so he didnt scratch it in his sleep).

Both him and I have taken it a bit easy for a couple of days after that. I think we were both shaken up.
And to end on an even lighter note, yesterday was the first time everything was back to normal (exept Andreas looks rather silly ;D) and on the way home we had some ice cream out while waiting for the bus and made friends with some cute birds.

my kawaii/happy shelf

Hi everyone!
My mom just left after staying here for a couple of days, since she was free from work. I feel like I gained 10 kg!! sooo much good food We BBQ:ed every night! yum yum.
My mom also brought with her a few of my boxes thats in storage in their basement. So today I unpacked some of my kawaii/ "make me happy" items:

Click for Detailed description on Flickr.

Still a lot of stuff left to unpack/get here though
other than that I've been working during the days, trying to get as much done as possible. Its crazy much to do atm. Can't really talk about it yet though

Suprise Artgift!!

w00t!!! I just recived this fanart totally out of the blue!!
it's my character Mina, drawn by my friend and super talented artist Alex Ahad (aka o_8)



I'm such a huge fan of his art, and the most wonderful thing is that during these 7(?) years I've known him he has and still is constantly developing and improving his unique style!

why don't you all take a look around his homepage:
error 4o4

Photos Dalarö

I just wanted to share the photos from my walk around Dalarö the other day. I needed some time to think, sketch, etc. Instead of sitting inside I packed lunch and my stuff and was out all day, walking around, sketching, taking notes and taking photos. It was a wonderful spring day
I love being active and I love having people around me, but sometimes I need some quiet time by myself, and this was perfect.

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Busy Springtime

Hey everyone! hope you are doing fine
Sorry about the lack of updates lately, I have not had time to give my blog the attention it deserves
Truth is I've been super busy, doing TONS of stuff, I can't believe how much stuff is happening at once, it's kind of breathtaking. And the rare times I've had time to be in front of my computer Andreas "steals" internet to finish our downloads, so I mostly only have time to quickly upload some photos to Flickr. Check it out if you havent?
I've been out taking a lot of photos while I still had the camera, but I had to return Andreas dad's camera the other day so from now on I won't be doing that for a while.

I've really slowly been building up a lot of visitors here lately, I'm so happy about that! & don't be afraid to comment.
I'll update soon again~

Baking time♪

Made a big batch of "Chokladrutor" the other day. It's (sort of) a Swedish version of brownie..I guess. It's fluffy like cupcake and with a yummy glaze on top. They turned out perfect *feels proud!*
I put a lot of them in the freezer so now we have yummy treats anytime anyone comes visiting

Here is the recipe I used. ( sorry, swedish only )

Glaserade chokladrutor
ca 40 st

Ugnstemperatur 200º

200 g margarin eller smör eller 2 dl flytande margarin
2 dl vatten
5 ägg
4 dl socker
4½ dl vetemjöl
1 msk bakpulver
1 msk vaniljsocker
½ dl kakao

50 g margarin eller smör
200 g florsocker (ca 3½ dl)
½ dl kaffe, starkt, bryggt eller kokt
1 msk kakao
1 tsk vaniljsocker


Bottnen: Värm ugnen. Smörj och bröa långpannan. Smält det fasta fettet och häll i vattnet. Om flytande margarin används, ljumma enbart vattnet. Vispa ägg och socker pösigt. Rör ner vatten och fett. Blanda mjöl, bakpulver och vaniljsocker. Tillsätt blandningen och sikta ner kakaon. Rör bara tills smeten blir slät. Häll den i långpannan.

Grädda i mitten av ugnen ca 25 min. Låt kakan svalna.

Glasyren: Smält fettet. Blanda det med florsocker, kaffe, kakao och vaniljsocker till en slät smet. Bred glasyren över kakan. Strö över rikligt med kokosflingor.

Skär kakan i bitar.
^3^)/ yum!

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Dalarö & Valborg

Last week aside from working I have been doing a lot of things around the house and yard. My work room is almost set up enough that I can start bringing my boxes with stuff in here (they are in my parents basement right now) *exited*

I took a few more photos from the yard as everything is slowly still waking up for spring (mouse over for descriptions)
A woodpecker came to eat some of the food I put out for the small birds, it was cute! almost like a little bouquet of flowers in the middle of the lawn, don't you think?littleflowers.jpg
a cutie squirrel!

We celebrated Valborg this thursday We went to see the bonfire out here on Dalarö, but due to missing the bus we came kinda late, and it was mostly burned out by the time we got there.
Although the view from up on the mountain where the fire was was amazing, well worth the walk/and climb!
I tried to take some photos but it was too dark to take any decent photos without a tripod. But here is a photo from last autumn from Dalarö so you know what kind of view we had from up there

For Valborg I made some kishidango for the first time, they turned out yummy but the sauce turned out not as thick as I would like, so better luck next time.

Then on friday we went to visit my friend in his new apartment, it's kinda funny how he now lives in a neighborhood where I used to hang out a lot 11-12 years ago. It felt very nostalgic walking around there!
He made a super yummy dinner for us! :9 and we all had a lot of fun as Andreas tried out Madworld. ( for the first time I think it is ok for us to get a wii! LOL.)

On our way home there sure was cops everywhere! I guess because it was the 1st of may (it's a holiday here) and a friday, they were expecting a lot of trouble. Even all the way out to Handen there was policemen. @o@
Its good to feel safe but I can't help to think how much that night cost us taxpayers XD;

OH! I've also recieved my first comic manuscript, and I'm super exited about working on that! I've started a little already. But I will probably start working on it a lot this week.
^3^)/" laterz~~

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