SPX (small press expo) Stockholm 2009.

Tack alla som kom förbi mitt bord, alla som handlade och för alla fina kommentarer!! *GLAD*

Ni som undrade om fler Handgjorda saker (och eventuellt fansin) håll koll på min blog, fler saker kommer snarast.

This weekend SPX was held in here in Stockholm. I had booked a table for me and Andreas. I sold my handmade stuff and Andreas his japanese import merchandice.
I had a lot of fun, SPX always is! Meeting up with a so many swedish artists and dear friends from all over the country (some of whom only I see once a year at SPX because they live so far away). Meeting new people/making new friends there too is also a lot of fun of course!
I also put the word out I was looking for writers and it really seemed that some people where interested so I'm looking forward to see where that takes me.

After SPX I went out with a couple of friends to eat some Korean food, and later we went for a couple of beer/drinks. it was awesome! I spent too much money but it was well worth it!

I was supposed to go there today too (Sunday) but my body this morning told me that I should stay home, I feel like I might be getting sick.
Probably because I had many sleepless nights during the week before saturday, working and finishing handmade items.
But I pretty much sold all my stuff on the first day! and what little there was left Andreas could take care of. So no worries!

So thanks everyone! I wish I could have hung out/talked to all a lot more! hope you have a safe journey home

Some pics!


Had a little time to for myself tonight, since my plans for the day got cancelled. So I デコ-ed my old camera (the one I've had since 2001 and that I still take the majority of my photos with).
It was really looking dented and scratched
So I blinged it up a little!
I didn't have many stones left so I used whatever I had. LOL


The hanami this year was lovely but super cold!
Most of the flowers had not bloomed yet though, I guess because of this years winter that never seemed to stop!
Still managed to snap a couple of nice pics I think and I got to borrow Andreas' dad's camera for the day. Hope you'll like them

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A week packed full of activities!

Wow I really have been super busy lately!
I was supposed to help my friends move but since the date of the actual moving got changed and clashed with the yardwork we promised to do with Andreas dad I went over there earlier and spent a day helping cleaning and packing instead.
The yardwork was exhausting btw, being out all day, Collecting branches and stuff and making a HUGE bonfire. I also spent a lot of time removing 3 meters of almost dead raspberry bushes. So the garden looks so nice now, with lots of animal life and many small flowers starting to sprout here and there.
20090421_3.jpg 20090421_4.jpg
20090421_1.jpg 20090421_2.jpg

I can't wait to start planting some new stuff though. This is all so new to me, to have this opportunity to have a garden is super exiting. I can't wait to see how it will look like this summer.

The day after that we went to celebrate my sister's 18th b-day (yeah there is only a week between our b-days). The family went out for dinner and I ate some suuuper yummy babyback ribs.

Had a lot of fun as usual

The day after that we went to hanami (cherry blossom viewing) in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm (I'll post some pics from that in a seperate post) and later out for dinner and drinks to celebrate my b-day with my friends.
Couldn't really do that last weekend since it was easter and stuff, and everyone was busy visiting family etc.
I had sooo much fun. We ate mongolian BBQ!!!!
Then we went to our fav bar where I had many yummy drinks, altough my brother made me chug a super discusting shot LOL

Thank you all so much, my dear friends

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Swedish Easter & My b-day

Hope everyone had a nice "implausible resurrection day"

my combined easter and b-day was super nice. soooo much good food
Posted some photos on flickr with descriptions/notes

..and all the people...oh it was so nice! I love the chaos of our family gatherings
Times like this I am really happy to belong to a big family.

This week is gonna be chaotic though, my sister and Andreas´ dad have b-days, I'm helping a friend move..and on saturday I'm going out with my friends for a b-day dinner, after attending hanami in kungsträdgården. It's all gonna be fun though, looking forward to it

B-day Nail Art

before I left home I finished these.

..I'm soooo sleepy time for bed. ^-^)/
I hope everyone has a wonderful easter

The sun finally came out!

Hi everyone! hope you are all doing fine
I'm super happy that spring has finally come to Sweden!! yay! enjoying the light~.. and when I worked at the yard today I found the first flower here

More are on their way

I haven't been online much at all lately because I've been working a lot. Especially this week because of easter holidays I've been doing manga/art classes at different locations. A lot of fun as usual.
I also have been busy putting together a craft/work room here in the house. Since it seems we might be living here til' next summer. When it is done I'll take some pics if you want to see it?

Oh! and last weekend my friend Jenny treated me to D-A-D's concert here in Stockholm! Not really my style of music, I liked the album they released back in ..umm..97? so I didn't expect too much since they have been getting more hard rock-ish after that, but they suprised me! the whole concert was GREAT! Tack Jenny! I had such a great time.

We stood at the front! So I could actually take a pic (my camera has no zoom!)

Now I must get ready and clean up the house a little, we are going to my parents tonight. There is gonna be easter dinner tomorrow combined with celebrating my b-day! I'm all exited


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