Street Fighter 4!!


The opening sequence alone is so awesome
I even completely forgive this game for being
in 3D!

It was released here this friday! so we had a
game night/ small party on friday night. Invited
a few friends and we all played, drank and ate
until six in the morning! LOL
Actually the gaming and guests staying here
continued all the way til' today (monday).

Since we don't really have any money to spend
at the moment Andreas spent some time to
trade in a lot of games he had and stuff.
So in the end we got the special edition with
the Movie DVD (haven't watched that yet) and
Chun-Li, Viper and Ryu figurines and one
(Chun-Li) each + two of the arcade
!How awesome is that!?

So far "we" (aka Steven and Andreas) unlocked
all the characters exept Seth. I guess we'll take
a break from gaming for a while now though ^^;
..I have a busy week ahead of me holding Manga
/Art lectures/classes.

Thanks Guys for the awesome gaming weekend!

巡音ルカ - トエト

I love it

Lazy Sundays

Today has been a really lazy day just laying
on the sofa playing videogames. Mostly Patapon
on PSP (Steven thanks for letting me borrow
it!!) and also Castle Crashers on XBOX.

My Valentine's Day was awesome. I baked some
mandelmassa (almond paste) filled choco-s.


They where really yummy!!
Later Andreas cooked one of my absolute
favs for dinner & we watched some DVDs.
Then we ended the evening with some
champagne in front of the fire.
I'm not traditional or romantic at all...but I really felt like I wanted it now for some reason,
maybe just because I'm not..or I'm just changing because I'm getting old(er) LOL

In the end it turned out to be the most
romantic day ever for me. Lucky!


I got a XBOX360 Live GOLD Membership!

Everyone with an xbox live account, feel
free to add me as a friend if you like.

Happy Valentine's Day

Lots ofto you all
my friends!

it's soo cold and so much snow spring
newer coming
Despite it being so cold I'm looking forward to
Valentine's day! you all have something
special planned?
My plans are good food and drinks infront of
the open fire with Andreas
Sounds nice huh?
*sigh* back to work now though, I have so
much paperwork to do today it is insane
Back later

also just listened to this on my break;

Vocaloids are too addicting! I'm making
another vocaloid drawing too.... I hope
I can finish it tomorrow or something.
(No time for drawing tonight!)
Maybe it'll be in my next update

Bad Cat!


just look at what he did to one of my



Sweden is dangerous?!

LOL no not really, but I was out doing a lot of
errands yesterday, all day infact. Then I couldnt
get home because of the pedestrian/bike
bridge at Älvsjö station (going over the trains)
had started to break apart
one of the pillars supporting it had went
through it, all the way up into the walkway.
The police shut down the station so no trains
where going through it until they secured it..
so really no way of getting home (or I could
have..but it'd have taken more than three hours
to get home that way!).
So I stayed over at my parents' instead. Slept in
my sister Mirelles room, since she was at her
bf's anyway.
Aaaand since I was on that side of town, I went
to visit my best friend today instead of going
directly home. Had a great time as usual

On the way home however it got scary on the
busride...I sat in the front part of it, and all of
a sudden an elk just jumps out into the road
just in front of us.
The driver hit the breaks but the bus just kept
moving forward since it was so icy...luckily we
missed the elk by an inch or two, and it was all
due to it being in a hurry. If it would have
stopped (as I heard most often happens) we
would have hit it for sure. I was pretty shakey
on the rest of the way home. As where most
of the passengers I think...some fell over when
the busdriver hit the break.

But in the end I got home safely and am now
just about to get under a blanket infront of
the open fire cooozy~♪

to my friends!

.。o \(⌒0⌒)/ o。.


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