It's my Name day today! (Diana)
I'm feeling good and it's soo
beautiful outside
Andreas got me this for lunch!!


I'm sick TxT

Not really bad (I mean with fever and such) but
my body is really sluggish and my ears hurt a
So I've been in bed all day, hoping to get better
by tomorrow (I have something special planned).
Good news is that due to this I finally managed
to find the last MUIMUI in Locoroco! so Now I
can allow myself to play the sequel! LOLL
last muimui


Wow~ it was really snowing heavily today!
Picture 257

I've been doing a lot of fun stuff lately, even
though we're ultra poor this month..it's kinda
Pretty much been booked with something
everyday this last week..it's not like this
usually at all!(I'm not complaining at all)
Yesterday was a fun day, went out shopping
together with a childhood friend of mine.
Although I didnt have any money to spend,
I had gotten some giftcards for christmas so I
used those and I found some nice stuff too:

It's pretty funny, because I actually went to
the same store(s) with my best friend just a
week earlier, but I could not find anything I
really wanted, mostly
because everything was so much more
expensive(!). What a difference just a week
can make!

I also got some gifts for ppl, but naturally I'm
not gonna post them XD; not until they get
them atleast.

Then we went to McDonalds and met Mirelle
(my sister) and another friend (her ex ) and
after that I spent the evening at my parents'.
So a very eventful day indeed, but mybe boring
for you to read about?
Now it's back to work though, I still have a
lot to do before I can go to bed.


Back to reality

Hope that everyone had a nice weekend?? I had
another amazing one. First I got a Package
from Japan! It was from this amazing artist that
I've gotten to know trough Pixiv.
ありがとうございます!嬉しいです♪ ヾ(TωT。) わたし「A&D」さんの絵好きです
Picture 209
and the comiket catalog is really huge!

Then on friday my sister came over with some
of her friends and we had a game night. it was
a lot of fun, played Xbox 360 and card games.
Although I mostly relaxed infront of the open
fire. Oh and one of her friends is an awesome
photographer and he took some super cute
photos of Spike!<- my cat
like this one for example:
so cute!
[why not check out his Flickr]

the rest of the weekend was spent lazying
about, watching stuff, sleeping and drawing.
So nice..I never wanted it to end~

oh! Did anyone notice I updated a new top
banner artwork? (well, it's the same drawing
but I re-drew it in solids instead)
...but to be honest I don't really know which
version I prefer

* スイーツ *

geh. been feeling terrible all day, like I have
a fever. I think I might be coming down with
something ...I really hope I'm not.
Tomorrow is Andreas' grandmother's b-day
and were going over there, hopefully we can
find some yellow.tulips in one of the
stores on the way (those are her favourite
flower). On friday some ppl are coming over
for a game night or something, arranged by
my sister (Steven, has she called/contacted you
yet about it?)

Aaanyways, this is what I finished crafting
the other day.

bigger versions are here Flickr

I did some more things, but I'm gonna use
them for something special so they are a
secret for now

StudioStrawberri HANDMADE

Just thought I could post some of the stuff
I've done (and sold) so far..now that I have
setup a spot for me to work I could finally
get started on crafting again
and launch my own "brand" maybe

Hair accessories




(Super) small decoden canister.
(all items are handmade in sculpey)

And finally some straps.
I think I might still have 1 o two of each left here
somewhere if anyone is interested.


..more to come soon


Today was very productive, I finally got enough
energy to move furniture around and make
myself a desk/craft table. Still a lot of clutter
that needs to be cleaned away before I can
use it properly but I'll do that tomorrow
(and maybe take a pic if anyone is interested )

Later bf came home with my fav cheese, so
we made ourselves a really special night.
watching this years kouhaku
(we just got it earlier today)

among other things. Drinking some sparkling
wine and eating yummy stuff.

Now if every saturday was like this
I'd not complain at all


so cold! the snow just keeps coming now.
It is beautiful though, took some photos and if
any are good I'll uplod later to my flickr.
I went for a 40min walk, mainly to blow of
some steam. Been really annoyed because
my computer started acting weird yesterday
and continues to do so today. freezing up
and stuff.
But I think i have located the problem now.
As soon as it is more stable I'll do some work
and then continue on my DeviantArt "150
000 hits thank you" image. I mean.. that is
amazing ... I'm kinda blown away by the number.
Especially since I'm not really active at all...
and I didn't even visit for a year or more
around 2004

Oh! and while I work today I'm definitely not
gonna have msn on. Yesterday night my
computer froze completely just by me clicking
"accept file transfer" from my friend
Took about 35 minutes to make it restart
properly after that.


so how have I spent the beginning of this year? SLEEPING!! LOL I've been catching up on alot of lost sleep!
Trying to get back into drawing too, I'm in a real slump atm.
Hopefully it'll get better with practice, but right now I pretty much loathe everything I draw.

here are some doodles I put together though.

I hope 2009 will be a nice year!

Newyears eve sure was a blast!! the weather was cold and clear and everything was covered in a thick layer of white glittery snow/frost chrystals. So beautiful!
Thanks everyone that came to celebrate with us!! Still can't believe we managed to find space/stuff for ten people to sleep LOL.
One of my friends wanted me to post more photos on this blog, so here are a few:
I really liked the fireworks this year!
Moi (not posting any pics where you can see my friends whithout their permission )
and LOL just look at all the booze on that livingroom table!

Hope all u guys had fun too!


If you like my work and feel like you have a little money to spare for a struggling artist, you can support me by donating a buck or two. Everything donated will go to art and craft materials ♥

Diana Jakobsson

Author:Diana Jakobsson
Hi! I'm from Sweden.
I love anything creative!♥
Drawing, crafting, デコ, taking photos etc

Nice to meet you all, and I hope you enjoy reading my blog♪





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