☆Black Chandelier☆

I've wanted a black chandelier for a long time...but they are so expensive. Sooo fabulous though~~~~
I came up with the idea of trying to make one myself. So I've been keeping an eye on tradera/second hand stores for a good lamp "base". And this one came up...
so perfect!! better than I could have hoped for.

after scrubbing and cleaning it, the paint on it was soo yellow...really icky!! and spraypainting it black (took so many layers!), I added some rainbow prisms I bought over e-bay.
chandelier #1
...work in progress

It's not completely done yet though, the prisms are only quickly fastened with hooks as of now. I'm gonna make better looking hooks.
Later on I'll buy prisms in other colours (I am gonna be able to easily change colours of the chrystals when I feel like it, how cool is that!?) And I'm gonna do some other tweaking here and there. Maybe add some chained prisms too??
here are some pics of how it looks now:
chandelier #2
chandelier #3
This lamp has only cost me a total of 600kr (85 USD) this far! so cheap! and the end result is far better than most of the ones I was looking at for inspiration too! Yay for DIY!


Had a little time to for myself tonight, since my plans for the day got cancelled. So I デコ-ed my old camera (the one I've had since 2001 and that I still take the majority of my photos with).
It was really looking dented and scratched
So I blinged it up a little!
I didn't have many stones left so I used whatever I had. LOL

* スイーツ *

geh. been feeling terrible all day, like I have
a fever. I think I might be coming down with
something ...I really hope I'm not.
Tomorrow is Andreas' grandmother's b-day
and were going over there, hopefully we can
find some yellow.tulips in one of the
stores on the way (those are her favourite
flower). On friday some ppl are coming over
for a game night or something, arranged by
my sister (Steven, has she called/contacted you
yet about it?)

Aaanyways, this is what I finished crafting
the other day.

bigger versions are here Flickr

I did some more things, but I'm gonna use
them for something special so they are a
secret for now

StudioStrawberri HANDMADE

Just thought I could post some of the stuff
I've done (and sold) so far..now that I have
setup a spot for me to work I could finally
get started on crafting again
and launch my own "brand" maybe

Hair accessories




(Super) small decoden canister.
(all items are handmade in sculpey)

And finally some straps.
I think I might still have 1 o two of each left here
somewhere if anyone is interested.


..more to come soon


If you like my work and feel like you have a little money to spare for a struggling artist, you can support me by donating a buck or two. Everything donated will go to art and craft materials ♥

Diana Jakobsson

Author:Diana Jakobsson
Hi! I'm from Sweden.
I love anything creative!♥
Drawing, crafting, デコ, taking photos etc

Nice to meet you all, and I hope you enjoy reading my blog♪





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