Baking time♪

Made a big batch of "Chokladrutor" the other day. It's (sort of) a Swedish version of brownie..I guess. It's fluffy like cupcake and with a yummy glaze on top. They turned out perfect *feels proud!*
I put a lot of them in the freezer so now we have yummy treats anytime anyone comes visiting

Here is the recipe I used. ( sorry, swedish only )

Glaserade chokladrutor
ca 40 st

Ugnstemperatur 200º

200 g margarin eller smör eller 2 dl flytande margarin
2 dl vatten
5 ägg
4 dl socker
4½ dl vetemjöl
1 msk bakpulver
1 msk vaniljsocker
½ dl kakao

50 g margarin eller smör
200 g florsocker (ca 3½ dl)
½ dl kaffe, starkt, bryggt eller kokt
1 msk kakao
1 tsk vaniljsocker


Bottnen: Värm ugnen. Smörj och bröa långpannan. Smält det fasta fettet och häll i vattnet. Om flytande margarin används, ljumma enbart vattnet. Vispa ägg och socker pösigt. Rör ner vatten och fett. Blanda mjöl, bakpulver och vaniljsocker. Tillsätt blandningen och sikta ner kakaon. Rör bara tills smeten blir slät. Häll den i långpannan.

Grädda i mitten av ugnen ca 25 min. Låt kakan svalna.

Glasyren: Smält fettet. Blanda det med florsocker, kaffe, kakao och vaniljsocker till en slät smet. Bred glasyren över kakan. Strö över rikligt med kokosflingor.

Skär kakan i bitar.
^3^)/ yum!

Topic : Easy-to-make recipe
Genre : Gourmet

How to Make: Cute Fridge Magnets

(カワイイ 冷蔵庫用マグネット) ^-^)/

My first tutorial is a SUPER simple project so I only have a pic of the finished product.
Lets hope this gets you all inspired, and if you try it please let me know because I'd love to see it!

Glass "Beads" with a Flat back. (you know..the ones you use with flowers/pants) The ones I used where slightly Pink with a rainbow-ish shine.

Clear Nailpolish
Or any varnish of your choice

Please test beforehand that it dries completely transparent and that it isnt so strong that it dissolves paper.

Any will do, just as long as they are small enough to be glued to the back of the beads.

Paper With cute pictures you can use.


Hobby knife (Optional)

Step One.

Start with cutting out the pictures you are gonna use. The paper I used was the paper back of a stickersheet. I would have thrown it away if I didn't find out I could use it like this instead
I didn't worry much about the shape at this point, because I'm gonna go over the edges with the hobby knife later. Although you could skip that and just put more effort in this step

Step Two.

Dispense some glue on some paper and take out your toothpick. Using your toothpick spread a thin layer of glue on the back of your bead and glue your picture to it. Press slightly to avoid airbubbles.

When you have glued all, let them completely dry.

Step Three.

When mine dried I used my hobby knife to peel off what was sticking out. This is the step you can skip if you cut them carefully before. Although I think this is much easier though, just put it in an angle and peel like you would an apple .

Step Four.
Then I used my Clear nailpolish to seal off all edges and the back of the picture.
Add the magnets to the back! and taa-daa you are done!!


If you like my work and feel like you have a little money to spare for a struggling artist, you can support me by donating a buck or two. Everything donated will go to art and craft materials ♥

Diana Jakobsson

Author:Diana Jakobsson
Hi! I'm from Sweden.
I love anything creative!♥
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Nice to meet you all, and I hope you enjoy reading my blog♪





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