wow it's been 4 days since I turned on my computer. ..
I've been busy having so much fun, because I'm turning 30 today

Spent the weekend eating sushi with my lovely family, and my mom came to visit on sunday 'til today. I'ts just been great! I feel super spoiled. I got such insanely great presents too.
Tack min fina fina familj! jag älskar er!

(I'll upload some pics on flickr later, keep an eye out. )

And YES we are planning a big party for all our friends. But finding somewhere to have it that isn't crazy expensive have proven to be very difficult. So it'll be a bit delayed, but hopefully it'll be decided this week and we can start sending out invitations. ^^

I'm sorry about no 365 post last week, you'll get them later this week or I'll upload them all next weekend.

New blog design (again ^^;)

... I only posted one update during all of January?? FAIL!

I'm suuuuuuuper happy that January is over though. It's always one of the worst months, absolutely no money because it's right after the holidays and it's just so damn long and dark!
Thankfully it's soon spring which is my favourite season.

As you can see I changed the layout of the blog again, I found this super cute design and couldn't stop myself from using it! the top banner is from the original design (so not drawn by me) I will change it asap. But isn't this design really cute and airy? I like it.

2011 has started pretty hectic for me, some works and loads of projects in the works right now. I'll keep you all updated as best I can, right now it's all very secret.

talk to you soon~

First post of 2011

wow I had a really nice new years eve, I hope you all did too!

Last year I did new years resolutions, I never did them before because I thought they were silly. But in a way it's really good to set out some focused goals. So I'm gonna do it again! but first, evaluation of how I did with the last ones.

"Start drawing again!!!"
I think I did! although not as much as I'd like, it's absolutely a good start.

"set aside time to do more crafting and photography
be more active on internet (Blog, Homepage, Pixiv etc)
Yes and No? I did earlier in the year but then I simply became too busy with the wedding and other things. But I really tried to.

"continue on steadily increasing the weightloss/exercise regime I've been on for 6 months so far *proud*"
I truly did for a couple of months and then I got gallstones. Everything was kinda put upside down, I tried to exercise as usual but food wise it was just really hard. as I had to eat what I could. This all made me loose weight but it also left me feeling incredible weak and out of energy. And that is the complete opposite to what my goal is! I wanna loose weight but most of all I wanna feel healthy and energetic. To be fair tho the whole gallstone deal helped me learn how to eat really slowly and in small portions, two GREAT skills.

"don't stress/panic while making wedding plans"
I know I said I was panicking already before, but in retrospect I think I did a really good job! I spent most of the time being relaxed about everything


And now my goals for 2011!

Rebuild/repair my body
Save money (so we can go on that trip to Japan in October)
Finish/"publish" at least one project
Make those hard decisions about the future
Stop being so hard on myself all the time

Christmas and end of the year talk

Wow I absolutely had an amazing Christmas!
I did not think we could possibly top last year's, but we did!!
the last ppl left this afternoon. It feels sad that it's over...
How was yours??
As some friends were super curious about the Swedish Christmas dinner table I took so pics too. I will try to post them later tonight on my Flickr

As I haven't been able to be around much I am trying to catch up on everyone's activities now. It got me thinking a lot about this year, 2010 went by super fast, so much happened.
What is your favourite memories/happenings of 2010?
I'd love to hear about them!
For me it is several! having my friends stay over during SPX, surprise bachelor/bachelorette party, GETTING MARRIED, this christmas...and getting closer to a lot of online/RL friends.

EDIT (27/12): food pics are finally up. took a bit longer than expected XD; (due to falling asleep on the sofa orz
And THANK YOU ALL for sharing your favourite memories with me on twitter & facebook! so much fun to read :D

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A happy suprise!

Talented artist and dear friend Aggi suprised me with writing about me/my art
I feel incredible honored!
Please check out her art, she is made of awesome

Yeah I'm re-posting this everywhere, but I'm so damn happy.

Topic : Drawing
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If you like my work and feel like you have a little money to spare for a struggling artist, you can support me by donating a buck or two. Everything donated will go to art and craft materials ♥

Diana Jakobsson

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Hi! I'm from Sweden.
I love anything creative!♥
Drawing, crafting, デコ, taking photos etc

Nice to meet you all, and I hope you enjoy reading my blog♪





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